Friday, November 19, 2010


It is finally all done except for flying home. What a long drawn out process, but now it is finally over. We can now empathize with all of you that have been through this. Griselda told me this morning that they got the visas today and everything is now completed. No more paperwork. Hurray! Now she can breathe. Vlad told Griselda that he now knows how she felt in Sumy because now that they are in Kyiv he is in very unfamiliar territory and feels lost, but at least he knows the language. So I thought it was interesting that he could feel some sympathy for Griselda. Now it is just the waiting game to wait until Sunday to take the plane home. They will have all day Saturday to be free and not have to do anything related to the adoption.


standfortruth said...

Our son Bryan has his first baptism in Kiev on Saturday if they are really bored, they could go to that. He says that it will be a big event and they are baptizing a family of 4 people. Vlad knows Bryan as he was here when we hosted Vlad. They can also take the subway to the temple if they want to. I am so happy that they are so close to being home. We can't wait to see them all and celebrate for your 2 new Americans.
Love the Hinksons

Karen said...

We are SO happy for you!